Music for Children

If you love the Lord and want to serve Him using your voice or instrument, email


For traditional services, we employ time honored music and hymns featuring both our Piano and Organ.

Cross Road

A blended contemporary music group consisting of singers and instrumentalists who praise the Lord during our worship service with vocals, guitar, keyboard, flute, and drums.   
If you are interested in trying out for our band, please contact the church office.


The Song of Bethlehem choir is group of mixed voices of all ages, praising the Lord in singing.  The choir sings monthly, often leading the traditional worship service.  If you love to sing, even if you haven’t in years due to a busy schedule, please come join us!  It is an hour of fun, laughter, and fellowship. Please contact the church office at 262-968-2194 for the practice schedule.

470 N Oak Crest Drive | Wales, Wisconsin 53183
(262) 968-2194